Should You Trust Tanning Tablets Reviews?

Many tanning tablets reviews show that the tablets have become an alternative source of getting a tanned skin. With the side effects and potential health risks that are associated with tanning beds and the suntan, many people are now thinking that using tablets is much safer. But tablets are not entirely safe, they too have some side effects but if compared with the other options, many agree that they are less risky. If you are looking to use these tablets, there’s a big chance you will rely on the available online reviews before buying the product you need.Tanning Tablets

So, the question is can you trust these reviews? Well, this will depend on many factors.

What Are Tanning Tablets?

Before talking about tablets’ reviews and how they can help you find quality products, let’s just recap what we are talking about here. A tanning tablet is an orally ingestible supplement that’s used to trigger the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the hormone that leads to the darker tan of your skin.  Tanning tablets have been viewed as the perfect, simple solution that offers a deeper, high-quality tan without too many risks. But you must buy a genuine tablet brand like Dark Lush if indeed you are going to make the most of these tablets.

Using Reviews to Buy Quality Tablets

It’s possible to trust reviews when buying tanning tablets. However, they must be genuine tanning tablets reviews. If you are looking at real reviews from real people who have used the particular tablet, you will be able to get a real understanding of how the tablet works, its side effects and whether indeed it will deliver results or not.Tanning Pills

Using reviews is always encouraged and here are some of the reasons why:

  • By reading reviews of other people it’s easier to understand the workings of a given tablet and whether it will deliver results for you or not.
  • Reviews also provide more information about tablets so that you can make your decision from an informed point of view.
  • Reviews will also allow you to know side effects of various tanning tablets and if you can be able to handle them or not.

Genuine reviews have been used for many years to buy products online and when it comes to tanning tablets, it’s not any different. The rule of thumb is to always make sure you read genuine reviews and you will be fine.

Solution To Your Dilemma- Whether Tanning Tablets Are Good Or Bad

You might have a question in your mind regarding whether tanning tablets are good or bad, so here is the solution to your question. The thing is that you have to know about these tablets first and the way they work in your body. As we all know tanning changes the colour of our skin to a more darker shade. Naturally it occurs due to exposure to the sun. Tanning PillsBut nowadays people are not satisfied with natural things and are looking for alternatives in every sphere. And tanning is no exception. There is a trend of using tanning tablets to get nice tanned skin. These tablets are basically colour additives, composed mainly with the chemical canthaxanthin. The skin colour you get by these pills is not the result of an increased supply of melanin on your skin surface. It helps to protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet(UV) radiations.

If you want a golden glow on your skin, that too without exposing yourself to the harsh sunrays or on tanning beds, there are an abundant number of products available in the market to solve your problem. They can be in the form of lotions, potions or tanning tablets. But the question is how to understand which will work on the skin and will also be safe to use.

Tanning TabletsThe answer to this is the tanning tablets as they have been proven to be good for the purpose. The ingredients which are actively used in tanning pills are carotenoids, a type of pigment. As mentioned earlier, canthaxanthin is also used. These are natural pigments, the later being found in food items like mushrooms, fish, certain plants etc. When you take tanning pills, the process of developing a tan on your body changes completely.

You won’t be getting a brown tan, rather you will develop a golden glow type colour to your skin. It is the canthaxanthin that works internally to bring out this colour. The process is somewhat like this: when you start consuming these pills, the canthaxanthin gets dissolved in the fat below the epidermis and by consuming it on a regular basis, it starts accumulating in the fatty layer and brings a tint of color on the skin. This pigment may help to reduce the side effects of a rare skin condition called erythropoietic  protoporphyria.  The side effects may include eczema, rashes and also itching problems. Thus, this is an additional benefit of these kind of pills.

Dosages for these pills can be different for different people. But before using you must follow the instructions given. It is not a good option to consume it during pregnancy.

The price of these pills is also quite reasonable, starting at the £10 mark for a month’s supply.

Tanning Tablets Conclusion

We hope you are no more in a dilemma with respect to tanning pills. If you want sun kissed skin, by just sitting at home, then tanning pills are the best option. However, excessive use of anything is not good and it applies for this case too. Take the pills in the “recommended dosage” and get a sun-kissed body! Visit Teesora for more Info on this amazing supplement.

Tanning on the Inside: A Hard Pill to Swallow?

A glowing tan looks wonderful on many people, but the health risks associated with getting a tan are well-documented. The damaging ultraviolet rays of sunshine can cause a host of skin problems and major health issues, including cancer. This is also true of tanning beds. What’s a pale face to do?tanning pillsA new crop of tanning pills promises you healthy brown skin without the risk of skin cancer, but what about the risk to your good health?

How Skin Tans

A suntan occurs when your body produces melanin. Melanin gives your skin its colour. When you are over-exposed to the rays of the sun, your body makes more melanin to try to protect the surface and deeper layers of your skin from being damaged even more. This burst of additional melanin causes the skin to “tan.”

When you use pills to get a tan, you side-step Mother Nature’s way of adding colour to your skin. With pills, there are no ultraviolet rays or melanin involved. As a result, you may not develop a natural-looking sun-kissed glow. Instead, you may find yourself looking like an orange Oompa Loompa.

tanning tabletsWhat’s in Sunless Tanning Tablets?

Tanning tablets are split into two main groups. One type promises a quick, deep, long-lasting tan. The other promises to protect you from UV rays while letting you get a deep tan. They can be made with any or all of the following ingredients:

  • Tyrosine – an amino acid that the body needs in order to make melanin. Advocates say if it is taken before a sunning session, you will get more tan in less time, thus preventing sun damage. There is, however, no research to support this claim. In fact, since the body is naturally rich in tyrosine, it will likely merely flush out anything that is ingested.
  • Paba –promotes melanin production in the body. It is used in sunscreen. Unfortunately, there is no proof that it actually affects the darkness or duration of a tan.
  • Himanthalla Elogata (HE) – a type of algae that advocates say amps up melanin production. Advertising for this product targets individuals who have sensitive skin. Makers of tanning tablets with HE says it lets their customers spend less time in the sun. Scientists say the algae, like other substances we eat, becomes ineffective when digested.
  • Beta Carotene – a natural pigment that gives carrots and pumpkins their bright orange. Advocates say that beta carotene protects the skin. It is believed the pigment reflects U/V light and doesn’t give it a chance to harm surface skin. It also protects deeper layers of skin. The bad news? Scientists warn that too much beta carotene will simply turn your skin orange. They also warn that it can cause damage to an unborn child.

Is there a safe way to tan naturally with a pill? Sadly, the answer appears to be no. Sunless tanning pills are turn your skin odd colours, cause liver damage, impair your vision, and give you hives. You can, however, consider self-tanners, usually sold as lotions, creams, or sprays.

Self-tanning lotions contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a safe colour additive. When applied to the skin’s surface, DHA reacts with dead skin, darkening it temporarily. The colouring, like the skin, will slough off in a few days.

To learn more on this subject we suggest you visit the Fly Tan website.

Tanning Tablet Benefits

Tanning means the procedure of getting a darker shade of skin. One way of getting a tan is by exposing yourself to the sun rays. However, that is not very good for your skin. Tanning tablets are a safer and more effective alternative. They are also very affordable. The benefits of using a tanning tablet as opposed to tanning in the sun and sunbeds are:Tanning Tablets1. No damage to your skin: The main advantage of a tanning tablet is that is a completely safe and natural option. While tanning in the sun, you will be directly exposed to the harmful UV rays which can cause lots of complications. Your skin will age much quickly. Wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging will start appearing from an early age. You also risk skin burns. However, more importantly, the risk of skin cancer also substantially increases if you are exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Many people have suffered from malignant melanoma because of excessive tanning. However, with tanning tablets, there is no such risk.

2. Natural ingredients: If you buy tanning tablets from a reputed company, you will find that all the ingredients used are completely natural and safe. They are also FDA approved and hence there are absolutely no side effects. No harmful chemicals are added to the pills. Your body will naturally stimulate the tanning process without being exposed to the harmful UV rays. And since organic components have been used in the pills, you will get to enjoy other health benefits as well such as weight loss. They will also be able to get rid of inflammation. They are very good for your bones as well.

Tanning Pills3. Quick results: If you want a quick tan, then tanning pills are definitely the best option. Tanning in the sun and sunbeds are extremely time consuming. However, after taking tanning pills for 10 or 12 consecutive days, you will be able to notice a difference in your skin tone. The procedure of getting a tan through pills is also very simple. The dosage varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But generally, 2 pills each day will be good enough. You can also take these pills any time during the day. And another major benefit of tanning pills is that it provides long-term results. The tan will easily last for several weeks.

4. Even skin tone: Another important advantage of tanning pills is that they will help you get an even skin tone, which is not always possible while tanning in the sun and sunbeds. Uneven skin tone can look very bad. However, tanning pills distribute the dark skin tone equally throughout the body, resulting in an even skin tone.

If you are planning to buy tanning tablets, then you should always go for Rio Tanning Tablets. Some of the ingredients which they use are Silica, Copper Gluconate, and Microcrystalline cellulose. These ingredients are FDA approved and are completely safe. You will have to wait for just 10 days before noticing a difference in your skin tone. And even if you have a very pale complexion, they will still work for you.

Pros and Cons of Tanning Tablets

We all envy a tanned skin which has seen us spending long hours sunbathing or in tanning beds. However, with all the risks associated with the sun’s rays such as skin cancer, many people are turning to other alternatives for tanning their skins. Having a busy schedule has also made it nearly impossible to spend time sunbathing. Tanning tablets, self-tanning lotions and spray on tanners are some of the skin tanning methods found commercially. In this article, we will look at how tanning tablets can give your skin that bright brown color. We will also look into the pros and cons of using these tablets.Tanning TabletsTanning tablets contain either of these two key ingredients that are responsible for giving your skin that golden brown color. The first variety of tablets is rich in tyrosine while the other contains color pigments. Essential minerals and vitamins contained in these tablets protect the skin against the sun’s rays.

Tyrosine is the amino acid that facilitates the synthesis of melanin, the brown skin pigment. These tablets work by maintaining adequate levels of melanin in the skin. These pills also contain copper which is necessary for the synthesis of melanin. This is important because most of our meals are deficient in copper. An example of a tanning pill that contains tyrosine is the Spa tanning tablet. Information on how to acquire this tablet can be found at

The second variety uses color pigments to tan your skin. The color pigments mostly used are carotenoids which are organic compounds responsible for the coloration of living tissues in animals and plants. Alpha and Beta-carotenes are the most common carotenoids used to generate that bright brown color in your skin. Beta-carotene provides the best results due to its red-orange coloration effects. This compound is also beneficial to your body as it prevents night blindness, skin damage, flu, colds and other opportunistic infections. It has antioxidant properties that protect skin cells hence slowing aging.
Tanning PillsHowever, some tanning tablets use Canthaxanthin as the color pigment. Canthaxanthin is mostly used as a food coloring. This compound has been found to cause Canthaxanthin-induced retinopathy when used in large amounts. This condition causes yellow deposits to form in your eyes and can cause injury and impaired vision. According to research done by the US Food and Drug Administration, these deposits can be found even after a period of up to seven years after the discontinuation of Canthaxanthin.

In summary, the pros for using tanning tablets include:

  • No harmful effects from the sun’s rays.
  • Tyrosine containing tablets help in maintaining melanin levels in the skin.
  • Beta-carotenes contain antioxidants that slow the skin aging process.
  • Helps to supplement copper levels in the body. Copper facilitates melanin synthesis.
  • Other benefits such as preventing night blindness and opportunistic infections are found in tanning tablets.

However, tanning tablets are disadvantageous in that:

  • Canthaxanthin containing tablets cause deposition of yellow crystals in your eyes which can cause impaired vision.
  • Tanning pills have fewer color choices than other alternatives such as tanning lotions.
  • Since these tablets rely on the natural way that your body functions, the tanning process is slower than in sun tanning.

Tanning tablets have provided a better, affordable and timely alternative for skin tanning. Tablets containing Beta-carotene and tyrosine provide the best alternative for skin tanning. These contain naturally occurring ingredients hence are safe to use.