Solution To Your Dilemma- Whether Tanning Tablets Are Good Or Bad

You might have a question in your mind regarding whether tanning tablets are good or bad, so here is the solution to your question. The thing is that you have to know about these tablets first and the way they work in your body. As we all know tanning changes the colour of our skin to a more darker shade. Naturally it occurs due to exposure to the sun. Tanning PillsBut nowadays people are not satisfied with natural things and are looking for alternatives in every sphere. And tanning is no exception. There is a trend of using tanning tablets to get nice tanned skin. These tablets are basically colour additives, composed mainly with the chemical canthaxanthin. The skin colour you get by these pills is not the result of an increased supply of melanin on your skin surface. It helps to protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet(UV) radiations.

If you want a golden glow on your skin, that too without exposing yourself to the harsh sunrays or on tanning beds, there are an abundant number of products available in the market to solve your problem. They can be in the form of lotions, potions or tanning tablets. But the question is how to understand which will work on the skin and will also be safe to use.

Tanning TabletsThe answer to this is the tanning tablets as they have been proven to be good for the purpose. The ingredients which are actively used in tanning pills are carotenoids, a type of pigment. As mentioned earlier, canthaxanthin is also used. These are natural pigments, the later being found in food items like mushrooms, fish, certain plants etc. When you take tanning pills, the process of developing a tan on your body changes completely.

You won’t be getting a brown tan, rather you will develop a golden glow type colour to your skin. It is the canthaxanthin that works internally to bring out this colour. The process is somewhat like this: when you start consuming these pills, the canthaxanthin gets dissolved in the fat below the epidermis and by consuming it on a regular basis, it starts accumulating in the fatty layer and brings a tint of color on the skin. This pigment may help to reduce the side effects of a rare skin condition called erythropoietic  protoporphyria.  The side effects may include eczema, rashes and also itching problems. Thus, this is an additional benefit of these kind of pills.

Dosages for these pills can be different for different people. But before using you must follow the instructions given. It is not a good option to consume it during pregnancy.

The price of these pills is also quite reasonable, starting at the £10 mark for a month’s supply.

Tanning Tablets Conclusion

We hope you are no more in a dilemma with respect to tanning pills. If you want sun kissed skin, by just sitting at home, then tanning pills are the best option. However, excessive use of anything is not good and it applies for this case too. Take the pills in the “recommended dosage” and get a sun-kissed body! Visit Teesora for more Info on this amazing supplement.